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At Wyandot Chiropractic and Fitness we specialize in neck, back and extremity problems. The educations of Dr. Thiel and Dr. Smith focused on the treatment of sport-related injuries in both the competitive athlete as well as the "weekend" athlete. Our doctors also focus on family care issues including childhood ear infections, colic, bedwetting, digestion and scoliosis. They constantly strive to advance their education through post-graduate studies in the areas of acute and chronic neck and low back pain relating to repetitive work activities, pregnancy or trauma. Dr. Thiel and Dr. Smith’s chiropractic education in extremity conditions involving the joints of the arms, legs and TMJ remains among the top in their field. The doctors at Wyandot Chiropractic and Fitness have proven very successful with their treatment of conditions such as carpal tunnel, rotator cuff, tennis/golfer’s elbow, shin splints, knee pains, ankle sprains and painful feet.

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At Wyandot Chiropractic and Fitness we have an effective approach to evaluation and treatment of our patients. This first involves personally listening to the individual’s history, as well as his or her questions and concerns. Our evaluation then involves hands-on motion palpation to determine the cause of the problem. If we feel X-rays are necessary, we discuss this with the patient and then proceed. We then focus on restoring proper motion to the joints followed by instruction on rehabilitation, home exercises and proper body mechanics. Dr. Thiel and Dr. Smith are well-versed in many different adjusting techniques including alternative gentle adjusting methods.

Dr. Thiel and Dr. Smith both graduated from The Palmer College of Chiropractic and both have attained the status of Certified Chiropractic Sports Physicians. Our doctors also participate as the team physicians for the Upper Sandusky High School.